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Tiny Island VR Makes You A Chopstick-Wielding God

Tiny Island VR Makes You A Chopstick-Wielding God


Tiny Island is an upcoming VR god-simulator / adventure game with unique features that developers Geeky House have made to create a fresh experience. It is a VR game where you play as a huge God-like presence who needs to look after the dumpling folks that inhabit a – you guessed it – tiny island. The game is now in early access.

Tiny Island is a peaceful game to play as it features meditative and violence-free VR gameplay, relying on creating positive experiences using inventive interactions with the environment. Its main mechanic is using chopsticks as a core in-game controlling tool, making for a new style of gameplay that makes for some interesting mechanics and a very precise positioning tool. The chopsticks are used to pick up objects and creatures and can make certain things happen, such as making a cloud rain when picked up and squeezed with the chopsticks.

The island inhabitants will ask you to perform quests for them to make them happy, which can be something as simple as moving something aside or they can ask you to destroy things to search for secrets. The quests are designed to be entertaining and will challenge you to be the best God you can be. The chopsticks tool gives you the power to perform these tasks which can make for a very calming gaming experience… that is if you don’t squeeze the chopsticks too hard and destroy their homes by mistake!

If you don’t want the responsibility of looking after the dumplings, there is also a sandbox mode where you can fully embrace your creativity and shape the land in your own godly vision. The story-free mode will let you mold the island to how you want using your very useful chopsticks without the pressure of keeping everyone happy.

As you interact with the world with the chopsticks, you will discover lots of inventive interactions with the objects and NPCs that you pick up that make for varied and often hilarious repercussions. You’re also incredibly strong, so be careful not to flick the objects too hard as you will find yourself throwing houses into distant lands.

Tiny Island will feature deeper gameplay mechanics for those who want to take things a bit more seriously, with strategic elements such as resource and building management that will provide players with a meditative vibe as they use their omnipresent skills to keep the tiny island running smoothly.

The game has entered early access and is set to release in 2023.

For more information about Tiny Island why not visit the game on:

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