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Tabletop AR Project Tilt Five Partners With Tabletopia And Monocle Society

Tabletop AR Project Tilt Five Partners With Tabletopia And Monocle Society

Tilt Five announced two new tabletop AR game partners with Tabletopia and Monocle Society.

Tilt Five recently launched their Kickstarter campaign for a consumer-grade AR platform focused on tabletop gaming. The Kickstarter surpassed its funding goal of $450,000 in under 24 hours and will continue until October 28. Anyone that pledges $299 is promised a 31.5-inch square board to use for tabletop AR games along with one pair of compatible AR glasses. We went hands-on with the tech recently.

One of the big questions accompanying the Kickstarter was what tabletop games would actually be supported, with the project page originally promising a partnership with Fantasy Grounds, a virtual tabletop system that sells officially licensed digital add-ons for games such as Dungeons & Dragons. In a mid-campaign update, Tilt Five says Monocle Society and Tabletopia will join as partners. Monocle Society plans to bring their storytelling card game Weave to the platform, which they describe as “half tarot, half roleplay, all story.Tabletopia, meanwhile, is a service offering a variety of games like chess and various card games alongside a large collection of modern games. In the update, Tilt Five says that with Tabletopia even if “your friends don’t have Tilt Five, they can still join in via PC, phone, or tablet.” The standard online web version of Tabletopia is available now if you want to see how it works.

As of this writing, Tilt Five raised $1,357,825 from 2,602 backers.

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