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Film Created Almost Entirely In 'Tilt Brush' Imagines The Future Of Music

Film Created Almost Entirely In 'Tilt Brush' Imagines The Future Of Music

Artist Adam Dylewski is the creator of a new short film that was created almost entirely inside virtual reality.

The Future of Music is the name of the innovative new short. It follows a protagonist by the name of “Sara” — a working musician living through what it might be like to be a creative decades in the future. According to Dylewski, he wanted to create a project that uniquely took a look at the way technology, art, music and creativity are all intersecting in a world that continuously redefines what it means and what it takes to make music.

“I made this sci-fi short to look at how VR, crowdfunding, remix culture, the death of the major record labels and super high-speed internet might transform the world of music in the next 20 years,” wrote Dylewski in an email to UploadVR.

Tilt Brush is a Google-created virtual reality art application that lets users draw, paint and design three dimensional masterpieces with their own two hands in an immersive digital space. This means that every frame in The Future of Music was hand-made individually by Dylewski.

This entire piece, and the statements that it is attempting to make about the future of creativity are important subjects for VR enthusiasts or general technophiles to consider. It’s also a interesting use of a program that has already been mined for use by thousands of other artists. We’ve seen artists use Tilt Brush in the past to create music videos, for example, but nothing quite like the speculative future Dylewski is trying to explore here.

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