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The Void Teases New VR Experiences From Marvel, Sony Pictures Coming Soon

The Void Teases New VR Experiences From Marvel, Sony Pictures Coming Soon

The Void recently opened its new San Francisco, CA location and in an interview the CCO teased upcoming VR experiences from Marvel and Sony Pictures.

I spoke with The Void’s Chief Creative Officer, Curtis Hickman, over the phone earlier this week to talk about the new location’s launch, the company’s gradual global expansion, and their plans for new, upcoming VR experiences — one of which we hadn’t heard of yet.

Late last year the location-based VR company revealed plans for a new VR experience in partnership with Marvel and Disney to release later this year and it sounds like that’s still on track.

“The Marvel experience is coming,” Hickman said. “I would tell you the date if I could, but I can’t. It’s coming soon and we’re very excited about that.”

I wasn’t able to get any concrete details out of him regarding which IP it would be based on — a big Avengers location-based VR experience similar to Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire seems like the safest bet — but he did drop some light teases.

“That project is almost finished up and it’s definitely the most ambitious Void experience to date,” Hickman said. “Marvel has been great to work with. We want to get it everywhere we can, it’s a big part of getting The Void into more locations. We’re introducing people to The Void through Star Wars now and when Marvel launches we want everybody to experience it as well, everywhere that we can.”

Hikcman went on to explain that, due to some licensing issues, the Marvel experience likely wouldn’t be shown in the Florida location at Disney Springs near Disney World, but should be available at all other Void locations.

“Beyond that, we are also working on something Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, the same group we did Ghostbusters: Dimensions with,” Hickman said. “That was a fun project to do and we’re doing another with them now, but I can’t say any more.”

This is news to us as we hadn’t actually heard news that this was coming as well. Other than Ghostbusters, Sony Pictures obviously has movie rights to other big properties like Zombieland, Men in Black, Jumanji, The Angry Birds, and lots of others that could be good fits for an action-packed VR experience.

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