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The Invisible Hours, Farpoint Writer Moves To Valve

The Invisible Hours, Farpoint Writer Moves To Valve

Last year’s The Invisible Hours was one of the rare examples of a story-driven experience that really thrived inside VR. It made smart use of a time travelling mechanic and character interactions to weave a captivating narrative we won’t soon forget. We named it one of 2017’s most underrated VR experiences. Good news, then; one of the game’s writers is now working with Valve.

Rob Yescombe, a games writer that also worked on PSVR’s Farpoint, confirmed yesterday that he had been working for the SteamVR creator since last year. He’ll be moving into the company’s offices in a few week’s time in a Writer role.

Yescombe didn’t say exactly what he was working on right now, but we’ve got our fingers crossed it’s for a VR project. We know that Valve is working on three full VR games and, given this end to Yescombe’s silence and the company’s recent reveal of its latest Knuckles controllers, we might finally be close to hearing about what they are. Perhaps another positive sign is that Yescombe also retweeted a message from another Valve staffer that’s on the hunt for VR developers in the Seattle area.

Last year, Valve lost one of its key writers, Chet Faliszek, who had become known as an important evangelist of the VR industry. It’s great to see Valve stocking up in the development department again, and we can’t wait to see what comes of it.

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