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The Climb Teases 'Exciting News' For This Week

The Climb Teases 'Exciting News' For This Week

We may finally be getting some more The Climb 2 news this week – the series’ official Twitter account is teasing more info related to the series soon.

The tweet includes an image of from the original game, but adds the message: “Stay tuned for surprises and exciting news this week.”

The Climb 2 News Inbound?

It doesn’t take much to imagine what that might relate to.

The Climb 2 was announced late last year around the launch of the Oculus Quest 2. But Crytek’s sequel is the last remaining game revealed alongside the device that hasn’t actually launched yet. We had expected to see it in 2020 given that the game has been listed on the Oculus Store for a while now. As far as we know, this one’s a full Quest exclusive – there’s no Rift version announced as of this time.

The first game in the series, first released for the original Oculus Rift before even the Touch controllers had launched, remains one of the most effective showcases of VR around, tasking players with scaling cliffs in idyllic locations.

Of course, this tease isn’t definitely related to the sequel but, given that The Climb is now a few years old and already has an Oculus Quest port, it’s most likely we’re talking about The Climb 2. Could we be due a release date? Will we get a new glimpse at gameplay? We’ll have to wait until later this week to find out.

What The Climb 2 news are you hoping for? Let us know in the comments below!

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