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The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 09/30/18

The Biggest PSVR Releases Of The Week 09/30/18

PSVR continues its winning streak with another strong set of releases this week. You’ll definitely want to be picking up Astro Bot.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission, from Sony Japan
Price: $39.99

This is what you’re here for. Based off of the brilliant Playroom VR demo from PSVR’s launch, Astro Bot is a delightful third-person platformer in which your guide an adorable little robot on an adventure to save his friends. With 26 campaign missions and another 26 challenge levels, each filled with fun and invention, this is one of the meatiest and best PSVR experiences of the year with surprises around every corner. Don’t miss it.

Racket Fury: Table Tennis, from 10Ants Hill
Price: $19.99

Another chance to throw out your real ping pong table and replace it with a virtual one. Racket Fury finally makes its way from PC VR to PSVR with the game’s career mode intact. Face off against several AI opponents in this polished, futuristic take on the popular sport. Multiplayer support isn’t yet included, but the developer says it’s on the table for the future.

Smash Hit Plunder, from Triangular Pixels
Price: £24.99 (US release TBA)

A long-in-development party game finally makes its debut as a PSVR exclusive. Smash Hit Plunder has you tearing through environments trying to destroy everything in your path as you race to gather as much loot as possible. It’s silly fun, though the game features some of PSVR’s most robust local multiplayer features, including characters that can be fully controlled in the world. If you have friends to play with, it’s worth a look.

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