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The Art Of I Expect You To Die 2

It’s I Expect You To Die 2 month here on Upload Access, and today we’re taking an exclusive look at some of the game’s gorgeous concept art.

Envisioning a game like I Expect You To Die is tough. Schell Games’ puzzlers are rich in detail and are often filled with items to interact with and traps to avoid. Environments need to be designed in a way that allows players to look around and take in as much information as possible without turning all the way around or obscuring crucial points of information. Conceptualizing that information has to happen at an early level.

First up, check out this incredible timelapse of how Schell Games visualizes its environments with art that’s traced over a greybox area. This is taken from the game’s Operation: Eaves Drop level. It’s pretty stunning to watch the design come to life.

Here’s the same level as a 3D build.

The art also has to capture the game’s spy sensibilities. Check out the below designs, from a range of the game’s levels, showcasing the offices of the evil Zoraxis corporation as well as the wine cellar of a house hosting a mansion and behind the scenes of an epic performance.

We’ve got plenty more coming up on Upload Access. Tune in next week for a live studio Q&A with Project Director Charlie Amis and we’ll be talking with Jesse Schell about the studio’s history. And, if you missed it, check out a new gameplay clip right here! I Expect You To Die 2, meanwhile, launches August 24 on Quest, PSVR and PC VR.

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