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The 5 Best Ways to Watch a Virtual Reality Fireworks Show for Fourth of July

The 5 Best Ways to Watch a Virtual Reality Fireworks Show for Fourth of July

Fireworks are an essential part of the Fourth of July experience. The bright sparkling lights, the big booms, the romance no matter how you slice it fireworks are pretty awesome. But not everyone will be able to easily experience fireworks for themselves this year. Whether you are in a busy city where the good viewing spots fill up quickly, or a rural area where the only big show is the one you put on in your backyard, or if you find yourself enjoying an early evening nap from too many “MURICA’s” there will be some people who won’t be seeing the epic show this Fourth of July.

But no frets! We have assembled the best five VR fireworks experiences to add a little color and flash to your Fourth of July celebrations.

VR Music Fireworks

Part music visualizer, part fireworks show, all awesome. In this VR tech demo by Clodo, you can import your own music and watch the show unfold. The fireworks and spectrum bars are automatically synched up to the song you choose (provided it is a WAV or OGG file).

Download it here for PC, Mac, or Linux.

Firework Factory VR

Using Leap Motion integration Fireworks Factory VR is a delight that will have you creating your own explosions for hours and even sharing them with your friends. Find out lots more about Fireworks Factory in this detailed post from Leap Motion’s blog.

Download the experience here.

Bunny Fireworks VR

An entry in the VR mobile game jam earlier this year, Bunny Fireworks is a goofy take on VR fireworks. From the developer’s description “after a long night of studying you fall asleep at your desk, then something strange happens. A small bunny walking on 2 legs appears on your desk and starts placing fireworks! Sit back and watch the display but don’t bother the bunny by tapping the touchpad… or else!”

We will leave it to you to find out what the or else is.

Download it here for your GearVR.

Fireworks VR

fireworks vr

An oldie but a goodie – if you can get it to work on your DK2 (or have a DK1 laying around collecting dust).

Download it here.

VR Fireworks Live 3D


Those of you bringing a cardboard with you to the BBQ might want to grab a copy of this app to bring along and let all your friends quickly put on their own fireworks show.

Download it here.



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