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Synth Riders And OhShape Team Up For Caravan Palace DLC

Synth Riders And OhShape Team Up For Caravan Palace DLC

Rhythm music games Synth Riders and OhShape teamed up for a five-song music pack featuring songs from Caravan Palace.

The new pack is available separately from today in both apps featuring the five songs listed below from the French electronic band:

  • “Lone Digger”
  • “Wonderland”
  • “Miracle”
  • “Rock It For Me”
  • “Tattoos”

In case you are unfamiliar, OhShape and Synth Riders are both rhythm games that offer a different take on the genre from Facebook’s market leader Beat Saber. The studios behind the rhythm games have teamed up for songs in both games before but this is a fully fledged downloadable music pack partnered with a single artist. Synth Riders made an experience for the Wonderland track while OhShape offers a new stage with visuals inspired by Caravan Palace. You can check out the below preview video showing Synth Riders:

The Caravan Palace Music Pack is available for purchase separately in each game on Steam, Oculus Quest, and Viveport priced at $7.99 for the bundle or $1.99 per song. If you don’t own the games yet, there should be a week-long bundle for both on the Oculus Store offering them together at a discount of 25 percent.

Synth Riders launches on PlayStation VR headsets later this month following the addition of songs from The Offspring and Muse. Check out our interview with Kluge Interactive CEO Arturo Perez in March about the development of Synth Riders:

Will you be checking these songs out? Let us know in the comments below.

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