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Synth Riders Is Starting Live VR Workouts This Weekend

Synth Riders Is Starting Live VR Workouts This Weekend

Using a VR headset as a workout tool while you’re self-isolating? You can mix things up a little this weekend with live fitness sessions for Synth Riders.

Starting tomorrow ‘Synth Sundays’ will feature professional trainers and Twitch streamers Carize and HeyFalcon playing the VR rhythm game for you to dance along to. They’ll lead sessions that you can join in the game’s multiplayer mode. You can also join in on Twitch if you don’t want to be in VR.

Synth Sundays starts on April 1 at 1pm PST. That’s 4pm if you’re on the east coast or 9pm if you’re in the UK.

The sessions start following the release of Synth Riders’ Fitness Update. This includes the brand new, which we covered earlier this week. It’s essentially a virtual fitness device that keeps track of calories burned across games, so you can have a varied VR workout. It’s also available in games like OhShape and SairentoVR and doesn’t cost a penny to use.

Synth Riders is a Beat Saber-esque rhythm game that has you dancing to music by touching orbs with the corresponding hand. We’re pretty fond of the game, and it’s a good way to keep fit while staying indoors.

Also part of the update is a non-stop play mode (great for keeping your heart rate going), avatars in multiplayer lobbies, the ability to scale for a bigger play area and an increase in multiplayer room limit from five to ten. There’s also a new free song in Phoenix, by Raizer.

Will you be tuning in to Synth Sundays tomorrow? Let us know in the comments below!

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