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Superhot VR Grossed More Than $2 Million Over Christmas Week

Superhot VR Grossed More Than $2 Million Over Christmas Week

One of VR’s most popular games — Superhot VR — grossed more than $2 million across all platforms in the week around Christmas.

The popular VR title has been available on Oculus Rift since late 2016 and released on Oculus Quest when the new standalone headset launched in May 2019. Taking full advantage of the completely wireless all-in-one system, we called the Quest version “the best version of a genuine classic” and it tops our list of the 25 best Oculus Quest games. Notably, Superhot VR was one of the few titles which did not support cross-buy with Oculus Rift meaning if a Rift owner bought a Quest and wanted the game again they needed to purchase it separately.

Superhot VR is a game in which time moves and enemies come toward you only when your body moves. It is also available on Steam for other PC VR headsets and on PlayStation VR as well. There’s also a different non-VR game with the same name available for traditional gaming platforms.

The $2 million figure, grossed over the week around Christmas, refers exclusively to the sales performance of the VR version — Superhot VR — across all platforms. I reached out to Callum Underwood, Director of Special Projects for Superhot, and asked him if he had any detail he could provide beyond the tweet.

Underwood sent the following:

“We’re releasing these sales numbers not to brag, but to provide insight into what a successful game can bring in VR. We tend not to involve ourselves in ‘VR is dead’ or ‘year of VR?’ conversations, as we mostly just enjoy making games… and then working on making those games make money! Thanks to all the new, existing, and returning players.. we hope your holiday period is as good as ours! I can point to holiday sales of hardware, smart discounts we applied on various platforms based on IndieBI data, and the fact that we’re consistently listed in ‘top games’… but I also have to point to the designers and developers of SUPERHOT VR for making our (the biz team) job easy. The success of SUPERHOT VR is due to them.”

Underwood added that Superhot’s IndieBI tool helps track historical sales data and helped inform decisions like what kind of discounts to offer and on which platforms to offer them. For example, Superhot VR is sold at full price, $25, on Quest at the time of this writing but discounted to $17 on Steam. The game also deployed other discounts and bundles during the holiday season. IndieBI is in a testing phase right now and not available generally yet, but developers can request a beta invite.

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