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Superhot VR Gets Super Smooth With 120 Hz On Oculus Quest 2

Superhot VR Gets Super Smooth With 120 Hz On Oculus Quest 2

The developers behind Superhot VR added experimental support for 120 Hz mode.

Several years after release, the Matrix-like title continues to be one of the best-selling VR games and it sits in second place on our top Oculus Quest games list. Facebook recently added experimental 120 Hz support for Oculus Quest 2, meaning that objects in motion should look smoother and the environment itself should lock more solidly in place. We count just over half a dozen games with support for the mode on Oculus Quest, and you can check the full list of them out over here.

The Superhot VR developers warn that it is experimental support, so deactivate the mode in settings if you encounter any problems.

For those who might still be unfamiliar with Superhot VR, the game consists of attacking incoming baddies who only move when you do. The gameplay ends up feeling much like becoming Neo in The Matrix and its offered an action-packed introduction to VR for countless people over the years.

Now that Superhot VR, Echo VR and Quest’s table tennis games all supporting 120 Hz mode, that means that the mode is starting to gain traction with titles that respond well to players with quick reflexes. We’re curious if hardcore players in any of these game notice any discernable change in their performance when using the higher frame rate.

Please share in the comments below if you’ve played Superhot or any of the other 120 Hz Quest 2 games and let us know what you think of the experience.

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