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Sucker Punch Mixes Pong, Boxing And Multiplayer VR Soon On Quest, PC VR

Sucker Punch Mixes Pong, Boxing And Multiplayer VR Soon On Quest, PC VR

Set to release later this year, Sucker Punch is a new single and multiplayer VR title that will fuse Pong and boxing together to form something that seems pretty unique.

The game is being developed by Glimpse, a small studio that previously released a few AR and VR games like Sharks of Mars and Sharknado: Sharkmented Reality. The premise is pretty simply — you and your opponent don a pair of boxing gloves and begin to act as Pong-like goal keepers for your end of the court, preventing the opponent from scoring by punching cubes back at them as they fly toward you. You can get a better sense of how it works in the trailer above, which features footage captured on Oculus Quest.

sucker punch vr game

It looks like a mixture of Pong, Thrill of the Fight, Blaston and Beat Saber all in one, which should make for an interesting combo. The developers at Glimpse say you’ll be able to choose from a variety of different boxing gloves that give you unique powers. You can mix and match gloves for different play styles and strategic tactics as well.

There will be a single player mode, which lets you pick a level and play against AI opponents, and a League mode that offers increasingly difficult opponents to go up against. This will go hand-in-hand with daily challenges, which you can complete to try gain a high score on global leaderboards.

sucker punch vr game

As you would expect, there will also be multiplayer support so you can go head-to-head with your friends and see who has the best virtual uppercut against a cube.

The game is scheduled for release on Steam for PC VR on November 18, with the final Quest release date still being finalized.

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