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Rec Room's Stunt Runner Racing Activity Now Live On All Platforms

Rec Room's Stunt Runner Racing Activity Now Live On All Platforms

Rec Room’s newest activity Stunt Runner is now available on all platforms.

The fast-paced racing game pits up to four players trying to outrun one another across a series of obstacle courses. You can run on walls, climb on ropes and bounce, duck or jump your way past the various obstacles.

Check out 7 minutes of gameplay here:

Rec Room is available free on all major VR headsets plus 2D modes on PS4, PC plus a beta version currently being tested for iPhone and iPad. People can play dodgeball, paintball and even perform entire multi-act plays together in Rec Room. The Seattle-based startup behind the social club continues to develop new tools and activities for players to use in Rec Room with Stunt Runner just the latest.

Rec Room also recently added a kind of extreme comfort mode that should help with some folks who are particularly sensitive to simulator sickness. When I tried out Stunt Runner this week Rec Room defaulted to using the option. We’ve seen versions of the this type of comfort option in other apps previously. Still, its use in Rec Room is significant because of the popularity of the service. Understanding how the option works without trying it may be difficult, but the mode essentially give you the sense of being in an empty simulated room which provides grounding while seeing a smaller window into the active gameplay of Rec Room.

Here’s a look at the extreme VR comfort mode in Rec Room:

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