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Studio Share Brings Cooperative Sculpting To Oculus Medium

Studio Share Brings Cooperative Sculpting To Oculus Medium

Oculus Medium is a creative platform that enables users to create amazingly detailed digital sculptures using the power of VR with their Oculus Rift and Touch controllers. It launched with the Touch controllers back in December of 2016 but the platform has since evolved and is now getting a big, new feature that lets you bring along a buddy for some creative expression: Studio Share.

The Oculus team took to their official blog to share the news that Studio Share is on the way and currently in beta. With Studio Share, you and a friend can share the same creative space in Oculus Medium. It offers an opportunity for creative collaboration, but that’s not all.

Studio Share can be used as a means to receive real-time feedback on your creation or exchange feedback as you and a friend work on two separate projects. That added friend gives an extra pair of eyes in a creative platform where you have to execute from every angle. Better yet, it can be used as a tool for efficient education as the teacher instructs the student on better practices during the creation process rather than after the fact.

The blog details a handful of other features introduced in the latest update such as a move tool that lets you maneuver the sculpture without messing up any features on it, a featured artist section that’s being added to the Oculus Medium homepage, and more tools to make the creation and export process easier.

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