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JoyWay Explains Why It Isn't Changing Stride's Controls

JoyWay Explains Why It Isn't Changing Stride's Controls

Last week’s launch of Stride on Oculus Quest seems to have gone down well for developer JoyWay.

The parkour game has already amassed over 450 reviews at the time of writing with a user review score average of over four stars, for starters. But, while reception to the game has been generally positive, some fans have been asking about possible new control options. JoyWay says that won’t happen.

To run in Stride, you need to shake your arms back and forth whilst holding an analog stick forwards. To then jump, you need to hold the A button and then let go as you thrust your arms upwards. It can take a lot of getting used to this method, and some fans have asked if running and jumping could instead be assigned to simple button presses.

“Stride is a competitive game and running only using a joystick or jumping only using a button would break the game balance,” Joy Way reasoned in a newly-posted FAQ, “as well as put the players in an unequal position. Furthermore, the entire gameplay is built around the locomotion system.”

The developer reiterated that these will remain the only ways to control the game.

As we said in our review last week, it can definitely be tricky to get the hang of Stride’s controls. Remembering to let go of a button and throw your hands up, in particular, takes some getting used to. But, with enough practice, we found we could master the controls. Instead, we took issue with the game’s lack of content, with a story and multiplayer mode still to be delivered.

What do you make of Stride not changing its controls? Let us know in the comments below!

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