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Story-Driven Timeless Heart VR Launches in 2024 for Steam

Story-Driven Timeless Heart VR Launches in 2024 for Steam

This post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with Flaming Experience VR as part of their UVRSW23 Sponsorship.

Are you a player who enjoys a narrative-focused game with a Japanese anime style? Timeless Heart VR, the second installment of the Timeless Stories series from Flaming Experience VR, is a roguelike action adventure where players must explore the unknown labyrinth of Lycanea and fight against their eventual fate.

In this next chapter in the series, players will employ first-person weapons and depend on third-person teammates to clear levels. As progression is made, players become privy to the gradually unfolding main storyline. Timeless Heart VR uses full voice acting for its characters and, intending to augment the immersion, uses motion capture technology.

Three key features of the game have been implemented to further simplify the combat system and aid players along the storyline successfully: 

  • The Sword Skill System will give players a Chain Claw prosthetic arm, which assists with melee and ranged combat. 
  • The Chain Claw System can be used to get out of the way quickly during an attack and pick up items to further the player’s defense.
  • Companion Assistance is a unique feature that pairs the player with Lycaena, the heroine of Timeless Heart and creates a dynamic where they battle together simultaneously. 

Additionally, the Elemental Reaction System introduces wind, ice, flame, and thunder, and each elemental attribute corresponds to different special effects and can be used in tandem. Players can learn different attacks through the attributes and eradicate enemies more efficiently.

Are you interested in learning more about Timeless Heart VR and Flaming Experience VR before the 2024 release? Follow the team on X and YouTube. Head to Steam today to wishlist the game and join the official Discord to meet the community.

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