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More Than 50% Of VR Headsets Used On Steam Are Quests

More Than 50% Of VR Headsets Used On Steam Are Quests

More than half of VR devices used on Steam are Meta Quest headsets.

That is according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey results. February’s update pushed Quest 2 to 47.09% of overall VR headset usage on the platform, growing over 1% from last month. Add to that the 3.83% share of usage the original Quest enjoys and both devices account for 50.92% of the headsets used on Steam.

Steam Hardware Suvery February 2022

Steam’s Hardware Survey is an opt-in service that collects a data from a selection of current Steam users. Given that it’s not the entire Steam userbase, we can’t be sure the results are a 100% accurate relection of the state of Steam VR usage, nor the overall performance of the VR market. But, given that none of these companies have ever really revealed official sales statistics for their headsets, it’s the best source of informaiton we have.

This is the first time the combined usage of Quest headsets has crossed this line but, with the rate Quest 2 grows each month, we’d fully expect the device to cross that threshold on its own later this year. Add to that the shares for the Rift S, original Rift and DK2 (yes that’s still a thing) and Meta headsets account for 67.18% of the VR headsets used on Steam. That’s actually a slight decrease from last month’s 67.27%.

Steam VR Market Share February 2022

Some of that loss can be attributed to small gains for other headsets. Valve’s Index bumped up slightly to 14.43% and is still the second most-used headset on the platform. HTC’s Vive Pro 2 also saw small growth, though all other Vive headsets fell too. Overall the share of Steam users that used a VR headset fell slightly from 2.14% to 2.12%.

With 2022 now well underway and no major new PC-based headsets releasing in the forseeable future, expect to see Quest 2 continue to gain ground in the Hardware Survey in the months to come.

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