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Steam Next Fest Returns With New PC VR Demos

Steam Next Fest Returns With New PC VR Demos

Steam Next Fest returns with a new selection of PC VR demos.

Now live for one week, 2024's second Steam Next Fest following February's event features 15 PC VR games. The biggest highlight is Subside, an underwater exploration game we previously praised for feeling "intuitive and realistic," alongside Astro Hunters.

There might be further PC VR games taking part in Steam Next Fest, though Steam only showed us what we've listed below. That includes some returning titles from February's event, like Lushfoil Photography Sim and Jarpug, though most of these are new games. For now, here's the full list of PC VR demos:

Steam Next Fest ends on June 17 at 10am PT.

Notice: This article initially mentioned nine games confirmed by Valve to be in Steam Next Fest prior to the event going live - A Hunter's Tale, Fight or Flight VR, Forge & Fortune VR, Lift: The Last Days of The Westwind, Metal: Hellsinger VR, On Point, Reptile Park VR, Slingshot Trip and XWarShooterVR. Since these demos didn't appear, they've been removed, and the article's headline was adjusted.

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