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Oculus Quest 2 Passes 30% Of SteamVR Usage, Vive Pro 2 Debuts

Oculus Quest 2 Passes 30% Of SteamVR Usage, Vive Pro 2 Debuts

Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 now accounts for 31.07% of the VR headsets used on Steam.

That figure was revealed this weekend as Valve updated its monthly Steam Hardware Survey to account for errors published at the beginning of July. Quest 2 grew by 0.95% on the platform last month (May’s results here); users can access SteamVR content either by connecting the device to their PCs with a USB cable or via Facebook’s recently-launched AirLink wireless feature.

Steam Hardware Survey July 2021
Headsets with close to or above 1% SteamVR market share

Meanwhile, HTC’s newly-released Vive Pro 2 made its debut on the platform with 0.08% of overall headset usage. That’s less growth than the 0.19% the Valve Index enjoyed, and even the 0.12% gain for the original HTC Vive. Then again, the Vive Pro 2 is an expensive proposition at $799 for the headset alone and $1,399 for the full kit with controllers and trackers.

In what seems likely to be another bug: Valve reports that 1.86% of Steam users used a VR headset in June, down significantly from Mays 2.31% and much lower than it’s been in some time. It’s possible that the excitement of E3 2021 drove more non-VR users to Steam than normal, but it seems far more likely that another fix is due. We’ll update this article if that’s the case.

VR Headsets On Steam

Facebook headsets accounted for 60.24% of VR headsets used on Steam in June, with Valve at 16.7% and HTC at 15.2%. Broadly speaking then, it’s all hovering around pretty much the same numbers we’ve seen for the past few months.

With currently no major VR headsets on the horizon for the rest of the year, don’t expect to see a massive change in these results for the next few months.

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