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Steam Fest Demo Available Now For Titan1Studios’ Events At Unity Farm

Steam Fest Demo Available Now For Titan1Studios’ Events At Unity Farm

Titan1Studios are featuring their new ambitious open world VR game The Events At Unity Farm at Steam Next Fest from February 6th to 13th. The game also has a playable demo available to download on Steam right now.

Events At Unity Farm is a title with a fusion of genres that should invite a wide range of players since there is a lot to look forward to in the game, with a mixture of dark fantasy, steampunk, zombies and lovecraftian horror.

The game can be experienced in two main game modes which are the Story; a narrative open world adventure which is available as part of the demo. In a closed beta in the months to come Horde mode should become available, with a focus on shooting and surviving for as long as possible. Developers are planning a live service model which includes expansions to the story via both PVE and PVP game modes, new cosmetics to collect, and rotating challenges to complete.

The game features an open world inspired by the Rocky Mountains and the geography of Southern Alberta in Canada, covering locations that aren’t widely represented in gaming. There are glacial lakes, various historic sites and authentic foliage and geology across its varied map.

Titan1Studios are also working to create an inclusive and representative cast for its story with a focus on diverse lead characters. You experience the world through the eyes of Ruth Bowie, a shy BIPOC teen from a long line of scientists. She is sent back in time to stop the impending Multipocalypse caused by her grandmother, making for a unique premise in an open world VR adventure.

Unity Farm promises to also be an excitingly interactive game with point and shoot spell mechanics. This combat system brings an arsenal of spells you can dual wield to use for different situations, making for a tactical but repeatable gameplay loop. With your spells you will be attacking some of the most unique NPCs found in VR games. 

The epic bosses, for example, are souls-like in their design. Moreover, the AI architecture around enemy NPCs has a system where they are trained to use varying tactics of attack depending on their current emotional state, which will make for demanding and engaging combat encounters.

Your time as Ruth isn’t just about combat though. As this is an open world RPG, you must also be adept at puzzle solving, crafting, completing quests and using your experience management  to upgrade. It’s going to be an exciting time trying to discover the truth about the deep evil that lurks beneath the farm and the tyrannous corporation who wishes to profit on the supernatural properties at the farm. 

Be sure to check out the Steam Next Fest on February 6th – 13th and to get hands-on with The Events At Unity Farm download the demo available on Steam right now.

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