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Here's Steam Deck Running A Valve Index With SteamVR Home

Here's Steam Deck Running A Valve Index With SteamVR Home

The first developer kits for Valve’s Steam Deck handheld console are going out and, inevitably, someone’s already got SteamVR running on it. Or SteamVR Home, at least.

Twitter user yunayuna64 posted a video of the console displaying the SteamVR Home hub when hooked up to a Valve Index headset. We don’t get to see any actual games running on the device and only the headset itself is connected to the kit, not the Valve Index controllers, but it does at least seem like head-tracking is working at the very least.

Steam Deck Running Valve Index In SteamVR

According to the translated Tweets, yunayuna64 says the VR setup has “many problems”, though they don’t specify exactly what they are.

Still, it’s not hard to imagine the issues that would stem from trying to run high-powered PC VR gear off of portable PC hardware. Valve previously confirmed that it won’t stop users from linking up VR headsets to the kit if they want to but, even if Steam Deck is a powerhouse for flatscreen games, it’s tough to imagine it being able to cope with the likes of Half-Life: Alyx.

It’s a pretty interesting glimpse as the system’s core functionality all the same. And, while Steam Deck might not be optimized for VR, Valve did recently tease that the device could pave the way for a possible standalone SteamVR headset.

Are you interested in pairing the Steam Deck with a VR headset? Or are you happy waiting for whatever Valve does next with VR? Let us know in the comments below!

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