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What Is SideQuest And Why Is It Important For Quest Users?

What Is SideQuest And Why Is It Important For Quest Users?

If you are a new Quest owner, it may come as a surprise to you that the official Oculus store is not the only place where you can get new VR titles for your headset. For Quest owners, SideQuest may be the most important discovery they can make to elevate their VR gaming experience.

So, what is SideQuest, exactly?

SideQuest is a VR content platform for standalone headsets like Quest and Quest 2 where users can explore a vast collection of VR titles ranging from experimental games, tech demos, and game ports to full-scale games listed on the official Oculus store and on App Lab. This community-driven platform establishes a meaningful connection between users and developers, and encourages innovation and experimentation when it comes to VR apps. That’s why some of the most creative and out-of-the-box titles are often found on SideQuest! Games like Gorilla Tag, Pavlov, Puzzling Places, Ancient Dungeon, Gun Raiders, Quest3Doom and QuestCraft have become real sensations in the VR community accumulating hundreds of thousands of downloads, and they all found their beginnings on SideQuest.

In addition, SideQuest is packed with secret features and tools that help users unlock hidden properties to customize their VR gaming experience. SideQuest allows users to access different settings, such as texture resolution and refresh rate settings, video recording dimensions, triggering cloud backup, unlocking proximity sensors, and much more.

Is SideQuest Safe To Use?

SideQuest vets all content that gets published and they take steps to protect their users from malware and harmful content. SideQuest is trusted by thousands of developers and millions of users and has collaborated with Oculus almost from day one.

Here is something you may not know: SideQuest launched only two days after the release of Oculus Quest in May 2019, and they have been a growing part of the VR community ever since. Each month, more than 2 million users visit SideQuest to explore new VR content, discover experimental titles, and help developers play-test their games.

On top of having strong ties with the VR community, SideQuest collaborates closely with Meta. During Connect 2021, Mark Zuckerberg openly expressed his intention to “continue supporting sideloading and linking Quest to PC to allow more flexibility for consumers and developers.” In addition, in 2021 SideQuest partnered with Meta (formerly Oculus) while it was building App Lab. App Lab is a method of distribution that makes it easier for users to download experimental VR apps that are not yet launched on the official store. Chris Pruett, Director of Content Ecosystem at Meta, also reiterated their partnership with SideQuest on day one of App Lab and emphasized the importance of this collaboration for App Lab’s development. Since you cannot browse through those games on the official store, SideQuest is essentially the primary discovery platform for App Lab games. It is hard to imagine App Lab existing without SideQuest.

Starting With SideQuest

Although SideQuest is well-known for being the home of experimental titles and games in early stages of development, quite a few VR apps have reached popularity that helped bring them to the official Oculus store! Games like Puzzling Places, Gun Raiders, Ancient Dungeon, Hyper Dash, Deisim, Warplanes, and several other games started on SideQuest. The SideQuest community has always been active in supporting the developers and helping them improve their apps, and the platform helped them with discovery. Ultimately, those games became popular enough to be invited to the Official store and the support they received from SideQuest played a key part! These stories reinforce the importance of the SideQuest community which supports developers and allows our users to be the first to try cutting edge content.

Where To Begin?

Starting out with SideQuest is easy due to the detailed steps outlined on the SideQuest website. Users need to have a Windows, Linux or Mac computer to setup sideloading. We also have an Android app to set up the SideQuest app and sideload VR games from your phone. Users can also visit , which takes you right to the App Lab section of SideQuest. From there, users can browse through App Lab games which do not require sideloading and can be installed directly from the browser. You can even use it inside the headset to download games.

SideQuest is a growing platform in the VR community, and it is shaping the future of the VR market by building a strong and passionate community, providing a trusted way for users to discover VR content, and supplying developers with means to promote their work and build communities. Visit and start exploring everything SideQuest has to offer!

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