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Vertigo Games Showcase Reveals Include Hellsweeper, Pathcraft, Pantera Unplugged

Vertigo Games Showcase Reveals Include Hellsweeper, Pathcraft, Pantera Unplugged

Vertigo Games is one of the supporting sponsors for the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2022. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on our Youtube! Their generous donation helped produce the showcase and guarantee we can keep bringing you the best of the best in VR news. Read more about them on their sponsorship page HERE.

VR developer and publisher Vertigo Games revealed trailers and new details for Hellsweeper, Pathcraft, Unplugged, and After The Fall as part of the UploadVR Showcase.

From Sairento developers Mixed Realms and published by Vertigo, Hellsweeper will bring its intense action sequences to Quest as well as PC VR later this year. Check out some of the eye-popping minions of hell in the trailer below as they are met with plenty of close combat and “infernal powers” to decimate them.

Developers at Mixed Realms are building Hellsweeper to combine the intense battle-tested locomotion system from Sairento (like wall-running and backflips) with “semi realistic physics”. So you can choose your approach to ripping apart the enemies, whether it be tearing them to pieces with psychic powers or taking a limb and using it as a club. The aim is to support a huge number of ways to play, whether it’s melee, elemental magic, or ranged weapons, with modes for roguelike, sandbox, and tower play, as well as maps which vary in both size and verticality.

“Take full use of your limitless mobility across the battlefield and use the environments to your advantage,” Vertigo and Mixed Realms teased. “From wallrunning past a heavily controlled area to aerial dashing as a way to weave in and out of engagement range, discover what being a Hellsweeper really means to you!”

Vertigo and Mixed Realms will reveal more details about the combat and movement system in the months to come.

In PathCraft from Daniel Yu and also published by Vertigo, players on Quest 2 will pick up blocks and move them around to build out a path for a character. The trailer embedded below shows the colorful environments and overall aim to “awaken your inner child with playful VR puzzling”.

A new downloadable content pack also launched for hand tracked air guitar game Unplugged, from developer Anotherway and also published by Vertigo. You can now rock out to songs like Cowboys From Hell, Cemetery Gates and more from Pantera in Unplugged!

Lastly, After the Fall from Vertigo launched late last year as an intense co-op shooter with cross-play support across PC, Quest, and PSVR, with its Frontrunner season most recently adding the “Shock & Awe” update with updates to PvP and a new free-for-all mode where the first to 30 kills wins.

Engage with Vertigo Games on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. You can find more games from Vertigo to purchase or wishlist at their Steam Developer Page or on their website HERE.

This is partner content produced in conjunction with Vertigo Games as part of UploadVR’s Showcase.

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