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Mixture: Deep Dive Into Adventure’s Lore And Gameplay

Mixture: Deep Dive Into Adventure’s Lore And Gameplay

Mixture is out now from developer Played With Fire and published by Beyond Frames Entertainment and it offers a fantasy action-adventure spanning both first and third person perspectives.

Mixture’s distinctive hand-painted textures and unusual gameplay are backed by a considerable amount of world-building lore. Here’s a deep dive look into the world. Remember there are spoilers to be found here, so be warned if you plan to head into Mixture soon.

There are four biomes to explore in Mixture, plus a couple of additional locations including the hub fortress at the beginning of the game. These areas can range from lush and light areas to vast mountain areas or dense, dark corridors, massive fortress-like structures, canyons and peaks, as well as treacherous paths with lurking spiders. 

Sola & Sephairos
Our heroine Sola was a Light Strider – one of the few inhabitants of the Realm of Light who ever visited the Realm of Matter. Tempted by darkness, Sola stole a shard of light and, as punishment, she was sealed inside the armor and shaped into the Steel Moth. Banished to Purgatory, she joined other fallen knights to create the Order of Light. Their aim is to cultivate virtue and bravery while recreating luminous gardens reminiscent of their former world. 

Sephairos, meanwhile, is The Alchemist – quiet, angry, scheming, and cold-blooded – he’s focused on taking steps that will allow him to relearn lost alchemic blueprints. Secretly, the Alchemist aims not only to regain his full power, but also to realize his ancient ambitions and become a godlike ruler of the land.

You’ll play as both Sola and Sephairos simultaneously, with the small moth knight navigating the game’s environments as you embody Sephairos at full-scale. Sola seeks precious treasures and, after releasing Sephairos from a medallion, they strike a pact and form an unlikely friendship.

Mixtures & Collectibles
As the game progresses, your alchemist powers grow as you encounter an array of enemies and bosses. You’ll collect sulfur, salt, and mercury from the environment to put together into six types of mixtures. These mixtures – crystallize, glue, repel, revive, crack, dissolve – can lead to an array of effects for both core interactions and in battle. The crack mixture, for example, can make formerly impenetrable substances suddenly destroyable. 

There are also glyphs around the whole realm of alchemy with inscriptions that fully reveal themselves if you draw along the line of the suggested symbol. The Alchemist’s magnetic hand can pull particles or affect movement. Sola, meanwhile, can wear special capes made from rare items you find in the world.

The Quest
The game begins with The Alchemist awakening from a long imprisonment and joined by Moth. As you progress, you’ll encounter an array of bosses ranging from the Snake Guardian to Octavia the Octopus of the Mercury Sea and Qon the Spider Necromancer from the Depths.

Can you find your way through it all to open the gate to the Realm of Light?

You can find Mixture on the Quest store now.

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