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Green Hell VR: Your Quick Guide to Survival

Green Hell VR: Your Quick Guide to Survival

Incuvo is one of the supporting sponsors for the UploadVR Summer Showcase 2022. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out on our Youtube! Their generous donation helped produce the showcase and guarantee we can keep bringing you the best of the best in VR news. Read more about them on their sponsorship page HERE.

Green Hell VR is an open world survival action game that will test your wits across a campaign length that can last more than 10 hours. Following its success as a flat PC game, Green Hell is now much more immersive in VR on Quest 2 and Steam

You must fight hunger, wildlife and the environment to make it to your goal through the rainforest using anything you can find to help you. It promises to be an exciting but terrifying experience and you will need to be fully prepared for anything that comes your way when you embark on the adventure. 

Playing as an anthropologist called Jake Higgins, your journey will see you through the deadly but beautiful Amazon rainforest. With dynamic day and night cycles and varying weather conditions, the game will constantly test you. There’s a range of structures to craft, and exotic plants and animals from the tropical rainforest to discover, with body inspection for when things don’t go as planned. This is all enveloped in a modern and detailed narrative that pushes you further into the forest.

During your journey through the Amazon, you will be crafting with materials, building shelters, healing up wounds, finding sources of food, scaling environments by climbing and swimming, engaging in combat with people and hunting wild animals. There is danger in every part of the forest.

As such, here we run down some features and useful tips you will need to get you going which may not be obvious upon first glance. There are so many nuances to Green Hell that you may only discover accidentally, so knowing early on might be the help you need to survive.

A key mechanic to know is that items react to damage from weapons and collisions with the environment. For example, coconuts may split in half or bananas will break and create banana seeds. Experiment along the way with things you find and you may find that something being broken is actually more useful.

Another key thing that will help you out is you can use ants to bite down on an open wound and use them to stitch it together. This can be done in Green Hell VR by holding ants in the opposite hand and bringing it to the bleeding wound so the suture ants can get to work. If you find yourself getting dirty, you can also move water along the dirt back and forth to wash it away, keeping yourself clean and free from illness.


There’s a technique to throw spears with a predictive trajectory mode that will help you hit what you intend. To do this, hold the trigger button whilst holding a spear at head height with your other hand as an aim marker. Along with the spears, other weapons that you find can be stored on either the left or right side of your backpack which can easily be accessed by reaching over either shoulder and grabbing. However, if you’re finding yourself short of a weapon and you need to defend yourself, you can hold the trigger and grab simultaneously to clench your fist which you can deal damage with as well. Holding your fists in front of your face will put you in a defensive blocking mode with a shield icon showing how long you can defend for.

As a side note, any weapon can mine but for durability it’s best to use a pickaxe.


You can also tie materials together to help with making space in your limited inventory. To do this, hold a long stick towards a stick on the ground and press the trigger button when you’re carrying at least one rope in the backpack. This can be done multiple times for sticks, leaves and logs. Small items such as sticks, ropes and planks can be added to construction placeholders by aiming at the “ghost” of the object and clicking the trigger too, allowing for easy building with adequate information on the HUD showing you what to do.

Some of the items in the backpack also create stacks, so multiples of the same item will fan out into separate items. This also helps create space in the backpack for other useful items. To choose a particular item, hover over the stack and the separate items will be revealed allowing you to do what you wish with them.


A feature that’s new for the VR version of the game is the ability to find and use flint. As an alternative to fire plow, flint is found mainly in caves and can be used to spark upon collision with metal to create fire for food and warmth. 

Green Hell VR is out now for Quest 2 and Steam PCVR, and engage with Incuvo on Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

This is partner content that has been produced in conjunction with Incuvo as part of UploadVR’s Showcase.

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