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Bean Stalker 50% Off As Devs Highlight Multiplayer Features

Bean Stalker 50% Off As Devs Highlight Multiplayer Features

As the developers of Bean Stalker we want to show you why our multiplayer is different, why it is important to us and why our game offers something different from the single-player experience for PC VR gamers. Plus, Bean Stalker is now available with a 50% discount and to celebrate our latest additions we are offering a free test weekend from March 25th to 27th. Check it out on Steam now!


The new cooperative mode is playable for up to 4 players. If you start your progress in single player mode, you’ll be able to continue in multiplayer and vice versa. This means that your questline, items, unlocked recipes and level progression will stay synchronized. So you don’t need to wait for anyone to keep going and we don’t limit your progression based on how many of your friends can play.

Public/Private sessions

You can also create public rooms in Bean Stalker so anyone can join them and play together to experience what multiplayer feels like even if you don’t know anybody with a VR headset. Alternatively, if your friends have VR, you can create a private party for your group and lock it with a PIN so no one will disturb your session.

Interactions (voice chat/emotes)

We’ve implemented in-game voice chat so you won’t need to add players to your friend list to talk to them or use a third-party application with your friends to ensure communication. With the in-game voice chat, you will be able to adjust other players’ volume, mute them, or just simply decide not to join, if you aren’t in the mood to talk to others. We’ve also included a few hand gestures in the game for you to use to interact with others or play rock-paper-scissors with your teammates.

Item sharing

Do you know that feeling when one of your friends has just started a game, but you already have hundreds of hours in it and you can’t really play together because of the huge difference in progression? We found a solution to that. When a rookie friend joins to play with you, you will be able to boost your buddy by temporarily lending a few of your items to them while you are both on the stalks. If you are the rookie player and you are out of ammo, don’t worry, your friends can spare some magazines for you or you can just borrow some tools and weapons from them.

Customizable characters

What is a multiplayer game without character customization? We think it is a core part of the experience to express yourself, so our system offers over 16,000 variations to modify your avatar.

Bean Stalker Multiplayer is now available on Steam with a 50% discount until April 4th, 2022! Check it out on Steam

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