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Spaceteam VR Coming From Cooperative Innovations

Spaceteam VR Coming From Cooperative Innovations

Get ready to scream your head off at your virtual friends; Spaceteam VR is on the way.

Cooperative Innovations today announced that it has licensed the award-winning mobile game from Sleeping Beast Games and is developing a VR version of it. The game will be coming to both home-based headsets and VR arcades later this year.

Living up to the developer’s name, Spaceteam is all about cooperating with friends to pilot a spacecraft. In the original version, each player operates different parts of the ship’s interface. Their friends get orders on the screen that they have to call out and the relevant person responds. On mobile, that means sitting around in a circle and screaming directions at the top of your voice in hopes that the right person hears you over everyone else. It’s a little nuts, to say the least.

We can easily see the game translating to VR. Imagine sitting in a cockpit next to your friends and frantically pulling levers and flicking switches at their command.

There’s still a lot to learn about the VR version of the game, though. Studio CEO & Founder Simon Barratt says that an alpha version will be making its way to testers soon. You can also sign up to a newsletter here.

Cooperative Innovations itself is based in the UK and is working on several VR projects. We’ve been following the team’s first project, Raiders of Erda, for some time now. It’s a multiplayer VR dungeon crawler that looks like it could scratch a Skyrim itch. The studio also recently revealed a VR/AR avatar mapping system named Ikabod.

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