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Space Invaders AR Mobile Game Announced From Square Enix Montreal

Space Invaders AR Mobile Game Announced From Square Enix Montreal

Today during the Square Enix Presents digital event a new Space Invaders AR mobile game was revealed in development by Square Enix Montreal in collaboration with TAITO.

Did you read that sentence up above? Well, that’s just about everything we know about the game so far. The teaser trailer is really just an extended recap of the history of Space Invaders and its globally recognized popularity. It features glimpses of arcade cabinets, people playing on a Game Boy, clothing with the little alien guy emblazoned on the side, and so on.

There is no gameplay footage or even a hint of what the gameplay will be like at all other than it’s an AR game and the aliens will “take over” reality.

A quick search on Google Play yields an existing knock-off Space Invaders-style AR game already, but the real deal might not be anything like this at all. However, something that uses your camera to introduce the aliens into the air around you by way of mobile AR seems to be the most likely result.

According to a press release it will blend “proprietary AR technology and modern art style” together by letting players “defend the world against an invasion wielding the magic of AR and the power of mobile devices.”

Space Invaders is one of the most iconic video games of all-time. It was so popular during its heyday that there is a widespread misconception that it led to a national 100 Yen coin shortage in Japan due to how many people were sinking their money into the arcade cabinets. That’s been proven false, but is still funny to think about.

There’s no date yet but it will be coming to both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. You can sign up to be notified with more details at the official Space Invaders AR website.

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