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Sony's Yoshida: PSVR Titles With 'Deeper Gaming' Will Increase Going Forward

Sony's Yoshida: PSVR Titles With 'Deeper Gaming' Will Increase Going Forward

PlayStation figurehead Shuhei Yoshida says to expect more full games for the company’s PSVR headset going forward.

In an interview with the Japanese PlayStation Blog for last week’s Tokyo Game Show (roughly translated via Google), Sony’s Head of Worldwide Studios explained that many PSVR games up to this point have been smaller experiences, but the appetite for larger games is growing.

“Users will not want a short experience, they will want to have a game to play for a longer time,” Yoshida said. “Based on such expectations, I came up with the strategy of making full-scale games of larger scale in the 2nd and 3rd years.”

Yoshida referenced titles like the recently-released (and very excellent) Firewall Zero Hour and the upcoming Astro Bot Rescue Mission as the beginnings of that plan. “Titles with deeper gaming will continue to increase in the future,” he added.

Indeed, there are some bigger PSVR games on the horizon right now. In November, Dark Souls developer From Software will release an adventure game named Deracine, and we’ve been looking forward to Sony London Studio’s follow-up to London Heist, Blood And Truth, for some time now.

Still, we’re eager to see what else Sony has in store for PSVR, especially as it nears its third year as Yoshida referenced. The company’s newly-established UK studio is working exclusively on PSVR titles, but we still haven’t seen exactly what it’s working on. Let’s hope there are still some big surprises in store.

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