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Sony Increases PSVR Production Due To Demand

Sony Increases PSVR Production Due To Demand

A few weeks ago we reported that Sony was planning to bump up production of its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset around E3 time. Following that the company confirmed the headset was now readily in stock at retailers and, this week, it’s specifically confirmed it’s making more units.

Simon Benson, Director of Sony’s Immersive Technology Group, recently said as much in an interview with MCV.  “It is still very early days, but we have a better feel for the demand for VR gaming and so we are planning to increase production,” Benson said.

He continued, noting that the demand had been a “positive sign for the future of VR gaming” going forward. Following PSVR’s launch in October 2016 some have struggled to find stock but hopefully this increased production cycle will bring about an end to those issues.

Elsewhere, Benson spoke about a different kind of demand, this time from developers wanting to make games for PSVR. “To be honest, we have so many VR developers approaching us that we don’t see [getting more developers to make VR content] as an issue currently,” he said. “In the first few months of PS VR’s life, there are already around 100 VR games and experiences on the store with lots more in the pipeline.”

That news will also come as a relief given that PSVR’s release schedule past May is looking a little empty. As we said, E3 is just around the corner, and we’re hoping for some big reveals at the show, especially given recent rumors surrounding both Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and Marvel Games.

“If people think PS VR gaming is great now, then I think they will be even more amazed in a year’s time by the types of experiences that will be available, and I believe that the social element will be a huge contributor to the value of VR gaming,” Benson concluded.

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