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Skyrim VR Is 70% Off Via Steam Until Friday

Skyrim VR Is 70% Off Via Steam Until Friday

A Weekend Deal slashes the price of The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim VR on Steam until Friday June 26, bringing the price down 70% off, or just $18 USD.

Skyrim is one of the biggest games of the last decade and the VR version is on sale with a big discount, one of the steepest we’ve ever seen for a Bethesda VR title. The game was, of course, initially released on PC and consoles and received VR support later down the line. However, unlike some other games, Skyrim VR is a standalone, separate purchase — if you own the game on Steam for PC already, you can’t play in VR. This also means you don’t need to own the PC version before purchasing Skyrim VR either — if you’ve never played the game and want to start with the VR version, then this sale is perfect for you.

While we’ve seen Skyrim VR go on sale on Steam before, it’s rare that we get such a hefty discount, especially just as a one-off and not as part of a larger seasonal sale. There’s only a few more days of the sale though, so get in quick if you’re keen.

If you have the VR version and want to add some amazing mods to improve your experience, then check out this list. While it’s a few years old, we still recommend quite a number of the mods on there if you don’t know where to start.

Skyrim VR is available at 70% off on Steam until June 26, bringing it down from $59.99 to $17.99.

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