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Sharecare Acquires BioLucid to Bring Your Body into Virtual Reality With 'YOU VR'

Sharecare Acquires BioLucid to Bring Your Body into Virtual Reality With 'YOU VR'

Virtual realiy and augmented reality applications outside of entertainment are becoming more and more prevalent as companies learn the practicality, efficiency, and overall benefits of the technology. Just in the last few weeks, we’ve seen elevator technicians equipped with Hololens and electric and gas company PG&E is aiming to give their electricians safer havens to sort out issues though the use of virtually recreated substations. Now Sharecare is taking to VR to enhance their visual health care services.

Sharecare aims to give you a deeply informative look at your personal health through things like a web health profile and AskMD mobile application. Your profile gives you a home to track your habits and receive guidance through a slew of resources, like Sharecare health challenges, ASKMD consultations, and habit quizzes, so you can embrace a healthy lifestyle.

YOU VR (shown in the video above) is taking this ideal to a new extreme, giving professionals an intimate and personal look into the bodies we inhabit through virtual reality. 2D video and textbooks are incredibly informative, no doubt, but stepping into a virtual heart to see how a heart functions or malfunctions can pay dividends for students, professors, healthcare providers, and, most importantly, patients.

In September, Sharecare acquired the VR company BioLucid. BioLucid created the 3D YOU platform that Sharecare will be bringing to VR, AR, and 360° videos. “By differentiating our platform with BioLucid’s immersive simulation of the human body, we can turn data into actionable, visual intelligence, and make a transformative impact on patient engagement, health literacy, medical education and therapy adherence,” said Sharecare CEO Jeff Arnold when addressing the acquisition.

Sharecare is also bringing a visual experience to their web profile via Sharecare Reality Lab. A living avatar is in its beta phases, changing as a person’s health shifts. BioLucid is providing YOU VR strictly to pharmaceutical or medical companies, healthcare systems, consumer-facing healthcare companies, and educational institutions. Get in touch on their website.


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