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ShapesXR From Tvori Brings Free And Robust Co-Creation To Quest

ShapesXR From Tvori Brings Free And Robust Co-Creation To Quest

ShapesXR is available now free on Quest.

The robust co-creation application allows people with Quests to meet up together and collaboratively build out ideas. Tvori CEO and Co-Founder Inga Petryaevskaya has been working on creation and animation concepts for a long time with the release of the still-in-early access Tvori animation tools on Steam all the way back in 2016. ShapesXR, though, is focused around the idea that Petryaevskaya believes there’s a need for easy-to-use tools for conceptually developing spatial ideas before coding them in an engine like Unity.

“The transition back and forth from 2D to 3D is so expensive in time,” Petryaevskaya told me. “Before writing a single line of code, you can already test your future game, but already have all the right spatial aspects of it.”

ShapesXR can be downloaded to Quest now for free and you can share a simple room code to invite others to your space. The free software has full access to all the creation tools but limits the number of spaces and projects you can create. A Pro subscription is priced at $9.99 per month to add more spaces you can build. Petryaevskaya joined me in our studio for an interview about the journey from Tvori, and then we immediately went ino ShapesXR and she taught me how to use the application.

You can check out the full 30 minute interview and tutorial below:

Petryaevskaya expects to seek funding from investors for ShapesXR next year.

“If investors think of this as a tool, they’re usually not that excited because it’s a long game for the tool to become really huge and 10 times multiply the investment. We are more than a tool. We are a platform,” Petryaevskaya said. “It’s not just like you create your prototype, you invite your clients to join you early on and contribute to this process and get immediate feedback and do this testing before you start implementation. So it’s much more than just designing, it’s communicating. it’s experiencing it early on which is super important.”

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