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Samsung Files Patent For 180 Degree VR Headset With Curved OLED Displays

Samsung Files Patent For 180 Degree VR Headset With Curved OLED Displays

Samsung filed a patent application for a VR headset with a field of view of at least 180 degrees. The headset is described as using a curved OLED display.

The patent describes attaining the wide field of view while maintaining reasonable size and weight as a crucial design consideration. To achieve this, the design uses two lenses per eye. One pair of standard fresnel lenses with a field of view of 120, combined with a second set of wide angle strip lenses positioned at an angle.

This would provide a full vertical field of view for regular vision and partial in the peripheral. The curved screen would allow the overall design to remain relatively compact compared to other wide field of view headsets.

Companies frequently patent technologies which never come to market. But if Samsung did decide to go forwards with this design, they could leverage their competitive advantage as the world’s largest small OLED panel manufacturer. Samsung Galaxy smartphones already incorporate curved OLED technology.

The company could even keep the technology exclusive to such a headset, as they did with the “anti screen door effect” OLED technology in the HMD Odyssey+.

In an October interview with Lowyat.NET, the CEO of Samsung Electronics confirmed that the company was heavily looking in to both VR and AR. The Samsung Odyssey series has been well recieved by VR buyers. It offers Vive Pro resolution at a significantly more affordable price.

Samsung’s future in this industry seems promising- we’ll keep you updated on any further hints of the company’s future VR plans.

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