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Retailers Are Starting To Delist Oculus Quest

Retailers Are Starting To Delist Oculus Quest

US retailer B&H Photo Video and UK retailer Overclockers have listed the Oculus Quest as discontinued.

We spoke to a sales representative from another UK retailer who told us Quest was marked as end of life, with no further shipments scheduled.

Across many official Quest retailers globally, stock is either unavailable, or only available from third party sellers.

These possible signs of Quest’s product cycle ending comes just two weeks before Facebook Connect, the new name of the company’s annual AR/VR conference.

Throughout the year, evidence has been mounting of a new Oculus Quest. Sources told us this ‘Oculus Quest 2’ entered mass production in late July and features a new simpler lens adjustment mechanism for IPD.

In mid August, screenshots claiming to be from Target’s stock management system leaked to a YouTuber, listing ‘Oculus Vr Headset’ models: 64GB for $299 and 256GB for $399.

In late August, users across social media websites like reddit spotted two new Walmart listings with the same storage and pricing: ‘Oculus Point Reyes 64GB’ for $299 and ‘Oculus Point Reyes 256GB’ for $399.

The current Quest’s 64GB model retails for $399 and the other $499 model is 128GB.

If the Walmart & Target listings do indeed represent Quest 2’s price, why would the current Quest continue to be sold? It’s possible Facebook plans to discount it below even $299, but the dual OLED panels, fabric materials, and intricate lens separation adjustment mechanism make this proposition unlikely.

Weeks before the reveal of Oculus Rift S, retailers started to stop selling the original Rift. The evidence emerging suggests Facebook could be planning a similar move with Quest 2. To be clear though: the company hasn’t actually announced a new headset yet.

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