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Resident Evil Vendetta Is Getting A Free PSVR Experience

Resident Evil Vendetta Is Getting A Free PSVR Experience

Virtual reality and zombies go together like video games and…well, zombies. They were made for each other. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is still one of the best VR games to date on any platform so any time this franchise gets another dose of VR goodness it’s good news. Unfortunately this time it’s not in the form of an actual new piece of gaming content.

This time around Capcom is creating a free PSVR experience for the upcoming CG movie, Resident Evil Vendetta. In a bizarre twist for the series, in this experience you don’t take on the role of any of the franchise’s most popular characters, but instead assume the role of one of the walking undead. Judging by the promotional art work, it appears to be called the “Z Infected Experience” and information is only available on the Japanese PlayStation blog right now.

You can watch footage of the experience here, posted by PANORA here:

In the video it appears to progress forward automatically but allows you to freely look and move around with the headset’s positional tracking. You get to stumble down an overrun city street, stand in a packed elevator, and eventually make your way down a hallway towards the film’s primary protagonists. It looks to try and capture the intensity and desperation of the zombie apocalypse, except this time from the other end of the gun.

We don’t know if this is coming out in the West or not, but it’s slated for a Japanese release on 5/24/17. We’ be awfully surprising if it didn’t release in other territories eventually to promote the film. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

h/t: Push Square

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