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Resident Evil 7 Nabs Best VR Game At UK's Golden Joysticks

With the year wrapping up, gaming awards season is upon us and, while we’re still waiting to see which VR game takes home the prize at the upcoming Game Awards, Capcom’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard just scored a big win in the UK.

The survival horror shooter, which released in January with optional PlayStation VR (PSVR) support, just picked up Best VR Game at the player-voted Golden Joystick Awards in London. It’s the first winner ever in this new category, and beating out a surprisingly competitive list that included the likes of Farpoint, Dead Effect 2, Statik, Superhot VR and Wilson’s Heart. That’s one of the more comprehensive VR categories we’ve seen for an awards show so far.

And Resident Evil 7 certainly earns its win, despite only being a VR-optional game. We were stunned by the horror experience when it released back in January, giving it a rare 9/10 in our review. It offers some of VR’s best production values, biggest scares and, above all, one of its most complete campaigns yet.

Better yet, there’s more to come; early next month sees the arrival of Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition which comes with all previously released DLC and two new campaigns, one of which will be released for free for existing owners and the other for a price. We can’t wait to dive back in.

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