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Valve Now Sells Replacement Index Controllers And Wires

Valve Now Sells Replacement Index Controllers And Wires

Valve is now selling replacement controllers and wires for its Index VR system on Steam.

The store page for the full Valve Index kit now lists individual replacement parts – one for the wire that tethers your headset to a PC via DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 connections and then a page each for both the left and right Index controllers. The tether costs $129 and controllers cost $149 each. A pair of controllers together — which has been available since Index’s launch — costs $279, but it’s your first chance to buy a replacement tether if you’re not able to arrange anything through warranty.

A replacement face gasket is also on sale, though that’s always been available.

The Valve Index launched in mid-2019 and has been pretty consistently back-ordered since then. The full kit is currently estimated to be delivered in around a week if you live in the US, though (the standalone headset is currently out of stock). Making replacement parts available may indicate that Valve is now starting to keep up with demand at a more immediate pace. A behind-the-scenes article last year said that Valve’s hardware teams were already working on “what’s next”.

Will you be picking up any replacement Index parts?



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