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Redesigned DecaGear Controllers Revealed

Redesigned DecaGear Controllers Revealed

Megadodo Simulation Games just revealed a pair of redesigned DecaGear controllers for its upcoming PC VR headset with some interesting changes.

The company revealed the design in the Tweet below earlier today.

The original design for the controllers (seen below) featured Oculus Touch-like tracking rings, but the new design seems to have removed them. The Tweet doesn’t get into specifics about how the controllers will now be tracked by the four cameras mounted on the headset itself, but there are two new orbs protruding out the bottom of the controller. Could the devices perhaps use these to relay your position to the headset?


Megadodo also points out that a new menu button has been added to the face of both controllers, sitting under what looks like a slightly refreshed analog stick. There hand straps are still attached to both grips, though, and the same two face buttons are still on both controllers.

As we reported last October, the original controllers were meant to take after the Valve Index with 5 finger capacitive sensing and could tell how hard you were squeezing the grip. It’s not clear if these features are still included in this redesign.

The company says more details will be revealed soon but, presumably, these controllers will still be included in the proposed $450 bundle that includes the DecaGear headset itself. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything too concrete from Megadodo, though the DecaGear website still says the first batch of headsets will be shipping in Q4 of this year. That said, the website hasn’t yet been updated to show the new controllers, so this could be outdated information.

Earlier in 2021 we did get the chance to try out Megadodo’s first piece of hardware, the DecaMove. The smaller device rests on your hip to detect the direction in which you want to move in VR. Though not nearly as ambitious as shipping a full VR headset, we noted that it was at least a positive first step in suggesting the company could deliver.

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