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Ragnarock Gets First DLC Pack, Gloryhammer RAID, Featuring Six Tracks

Ragnarock Gets First DLC Pack, Gloryhammer RAID, Featuring Six Tracks

The first DLC content for VR rhythm game Ragnarock is available now.

The Gloryhammer RAID DLC features six new tracks from power metal band Gloryhammer for $5.99. This includes one massive 10-minute song, ‘The Fires of Ancient Cosmic Destiny’, as well as a unique ‘Hammer of Glory’ collectible that will become available when all the DLC tracks have been completed.

These new DLC tracks can be played either in solo mode or in multiplayer, but the latter requires all the players to own the DLC.

In addition to the DLC release, it’s now also possible to create local profiles in Ragnarock, enabling different profiles for multiple users. There’s also new improvements to the custom songs system, including a change that lets custom songs be played in multiplayer mode.

Ragnarock developers Wanadev also gave hints of what to come post-Gloryhammer — the rest of 2022 will see even more new content for the game, including music, environments and collectibles. The studio also confirmed that not all new songs will be DLC, and new free songs will still be released “regularly.”

The team is also looking at bulking out the multiplayer, adding features like a competitive season, and offering more customization and game modes throughout the year.

In a Steam FAQ, the developers also indicated that getting the Quest 2 to run Ragnarock at 90Hz is “one of [their] current objectives” and they’re working on it. They also confirmed work on an API that will allow custom score songs to be sent to a URL.

Last week, Wanadev confirmed that work had begun on a PSVR port, bringing the title to PS4 and PS5 players hopefully sometime this year.

The Gloryhammer x Ragnarock bundle is available now for Ragnarock on Steam, Viveport and Meta platforms. If you’re looking for other great VR rhythm games, check out our list here.

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