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Quest v40 Adds More Bluetooth Keyboards, Security Features

Quest v40 Adds More Bluetooth Keyboards, Security Features

The latest version of the Quest system software, v40, adds more Bluetooth keyboard support and more.

Despite ‘The Big 4-0’ headline on the Oculus Blog, it’s a rather low key set of updates for the Quest in v40. The biggest focus is on a suite of new privacy and security-related features across different areas of the OS.

One such feature is the ability to lock individual apps behind an unlock pattern of your choosing. This was originally announced in March, as part of Meta’s plans for increased parental controls on Quest.

Pattern unlock quest 2 app

Per-app lock will now allow parents to prevent children from accessing select apps without their permission — every time you want to open a locked app, the user will have to enter the custom unlock pattern. This can be different on an app-by-app basis, and is available in addition to the existing headset-wide lock pattern feature.

Another new security feature is the addition of 3DS-enabled credit card payments in VR, which is now an opt-in feature for developers with in-app purchases. This allows you to enter and charge a credit card solely in VR — previously, credit card information had to be entered through the Oculus mobile app.

Messenger on Quest now also offers optional end-to-end encryption for both messages and audio calls in VR.

For Bluetooth keyboard owners, more models are now supported with tracking in v40. A second Apple Magic Keyboard model — the one with a full numeric keyboard — is now supported, alongside the Logitech K375 and Logitech MX Keys models.

A few audio accessibility options are now available as well — there’s a mono audio option, as well as balance controls for left and right audio channels.

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