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Quest 3’s Mixed Reality Game The Cabin - Home Invasion Gets Festive!

Quest 3’s Mixed Reality Game The Cabin - Home Invasion Gets Festive!

This sponsored post was produced by UploadVR in partnership with Soul Assembly.

Are you still on the fence about what to buy yourself or a loved one for the holidays? Drop Dead The Cabin: Home Invasion from Soul Assembly hits the Meta Quest store in early 2023 and has recently made big changes to the eerie experience, including a mixed reality update for the Quest 3 and other festive goodies to fill that empty virtual stocking. 

Soul Assembly is a video game company based out of the UK. It has over 70 developers creating virtual reality and augmented reality titles like Drop Dead: Dual Strike, Warhammer 40,000: Battle Sister, and Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade. The Cabin: Home Invasion is set to join the ranks after reaching 20 million views across social media in the first week of release.

One of the latest updates is Leaping Leeches, where players must thwart the attacks of gangs of blood-thirsty critters as they jump along the walls and attempt to latch onto players’ arms at any moment. Shaking, shimmying, and twisting frantically is the only way to rid yourself of these sneaky slimers with attachment issues. 

On top of the existing key elements, the game has implemented mixed reality augmentations to really ramp up players’ immersion. Enjoy enhanced anchoring, window scaling, and improved guidance for setting up your playspace. To keep up with the game’s diverse player base, newly implemented difficulty modes will help players tailor their experience.

Considering the holidays are right around the corner, the game will add Christmas visual updates and the Santa hats that fans have come to enjoy. Stay off Santa’s naughty list this year and obliterate the undead right from your living room - in festive style, of course!

Can’t wait to obliterate zombies at home in this mixed reality game? Stay updated with new developments from Soul Assembly and Drop Dead The Cabin: Home Invasion by following them on Facebook, X, Instagram, and YouTube. Be sure to check out their Discord, too. If you want to meet with the community, subscribe to Thrilling Thursdays and play with other fans.

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