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Puzzling Places Adding DLC & Passthrough Support On Pico

Puzzling Places Adding DLC & Passthrough Support On Pico announced that Puzzling Places on Pico 4 and Pico Neo 3 Link will add support for DLC packs and passthrough.

An update for Puzzling Places will bring all existing DLC content from other platforms over to Pico headsets, including the paid DLC puzzle packs. This means that Puzzling Places on Pico will offer 101 total puzzles, bringing it in line with other platforms. As with other headsets, new content will continue to be released on a monthly basis as well.

The Pico update will also add support for passthrough mode in-game. This means that Pico 4 users will be able to solve puzzles in a representation of their environment using color passthrough, while Pico Neo 3 Link users will be restricted to black and white – akin to differences in passthrough offerings between Quest Pro and Quest 2. also says that Puzzling Places will be "featured as a launch title for the Pico 4 Pro, utilizing new features such as eye tracking."

Puzzling Places' ongoing monthly paid puzzle packs include ~6 new puzzles, each between 200 and 400 pieces. There's also the premium puzzle packs, which offer ~4 puzzles based around a certain theme and feature premium audio soundscapes with regional sound effects.

The update goes live May 4th at 10 am Pacific.

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