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Puzzling Places Introduces Monthly & Premium DLC Pack Structure

Puzzling Places Introduces Monthly & Premium DLC Pack Structure

The developers behind photogrammetry-based puzzle game Puzzling Places revealed a new plan for future DLC packs, split into monthly and premium packs.

Since launch, Puzzling Places has received a few DLC releases with new puzzles that expand the selection from the base game. There was the Mars Desert Research Station pack in October, alongside two variety packs, the most recent of which launched last month and included “cultural heritage objects from India, England, Nepal, and Poland.”

However, the Puzzling Places developers say that the overwhelmingly feedback they’ve received is simply that players want more and more puzzles. As an answer to this, the devs are introducing a new DLC structure.

Monthly Puzzle Packs will release — you guessed it — once a month, featuring 6 puzzles per pack for $5 USD, with some puzzles limited to 200 pieces and others 400, depending on the scan quality. These will be variety packs featuring “a wide range of puzzles” that may or may not be thematic, with simple audio soundscape templates (such as city noises, natural ambient sound, mechanical sounds etc) that are re-used each month where appropriate.

This will allow the team to release DLC more frequently, while also focusing on other DLC packs that “push the boundaries of Puzzling Places.”

These Premium Puzzle Packs will release roughly every 2-3 months, featuring ~4 puzzles per pack for $5 USD, all with a 400 max piece limit. Premium Packs will be “centered around a main theme or location, with storytelling being a central focus” and will include premium audio with custom soundscapes specific to each region or puzzle.

Every puzzle released so far for the game since launch will be marked and considered a “premium” puzzle going forward, as they include custom soundscapes and a max 400 piece option.

The first monthly puzzle pack will be announced and released this week. You can read more about the changes over on the Puzzling Places blog here.


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