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PSVR Exclusive Golem Now Set For Early 2018 Launch

PSVR Exclusive Golem Now Set For Early 2018 Launch

We’ve been on the hunt for Golem, a promising PlayStation VR (PSVR) adventure game since it fell off the radar earlier this year. Never fear, though, the game has just been confirmed for an early 2018 release.

Golem is one of more than 60 titles Sony recently confirmed would be releasing over the next few months, specifically confirmed for 2018. That’s a bit of a delay; last we heard Golem was still on for release in 2017 (and its musical prequel launched just a few months back), but we’ll be happy to wait on it if it means we get a quality experience.

Developed by indie studio Highwire, Golem stars a young girl that discovers an ability to control stone creatures and explore the world beyond the confines of her bedroom. The game uses a single PlayStation Move controller to allow players to navigate the world and take part in massive sword battles. Highwire is comprised of former members of Halo developer Bungie, so we’ve got high hopes for the game.

Sony also confirmed a handful of other promising games are coming in early 2018, including The American Dream, Torn and Xing: The Land Beyond. Hopefully we’ll get a good start to the year.

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