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Sony Patent Filing Gives New Look At PSVR 2 Controllers

Sony Patent Filing Gives New Look At PSVR 2 Controllers

We’ve just had another glimpse at the promising motion controllers for Sony’s upcoming PS5 VR headset, this time from a recently-spotted patent filing.

The filing, which was published last week, is for a light-emitting ‘Input Device’ that’s detected by a camera. Several drawings feature the new orb-like design for the unnamed controllers, which Sony shared official renders of right back at the beginning of the year.

PSVR 2 Controllers Patent 2

Given we’ve seen these controllers before, there isn’t too much new to share here, save for some new angles of the device. The drawings also show exactly where the tracking lights are placed on the device, giving us some idea of how the headset will track the controllers with an onboard camera. We already knew that the headset would track the controllers, rather than an external camera as with the original PSVR, but these designs suggest the controllers will practically be covered in lights to ensure stable inside-out tracking.

We haven’t seen the headset itself yet, nor has it been officially named, but we’re all calling it PSVR 2 for now. You can keep up with everything else we know about the device right here.

PSVR 2 Controllers Patent

As always, we have to note this is merely a patent filing and not official proof of a final product but, given that we’ve already seen the final renders, it’s quite likely what’s being displayed here matches up with the actual design. We’re expecting these controllers to feature capacitive sensors for some form of finger tracking and, of course, the inclusion of analog sticks will be a huge relief to anyone that’s used the PSVR Move controllers.

Earlier this year we also confirmed that PSVR 2 will offer 4K resolution with foveated rendering and onboard motors for some level of haptic feedback. Sony previously confirmed the device won’t be launching in 2021, but we’re hoping to see more of it in 2022 at the very least.

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