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PS5 Sells 10 Million Units, Sony's Fastest-Selling Console Yet

PS5 Sells 10 Million Units, Sony's Fastest-Selling Console Yet

Sony’s PS5 console, which is soon to power its next-generation VR headset, has sold over 10 million units to date.

That figure was confirmed by the company itself today. PS5 crossed the 10 million mark on July 18, 2021. Sony says that makes it the company’s fastest-selling console to date. That is in spite of the fact the ongoing global chip shortage has drastically limited availability of the console since its launch last November, with problems expected to persist into 2022.

PS5 is sold in two versions. A digital-only edition costs $399.99, while a more expensive disc-based model goes for $499.99.

The console is currently able to support Sony’s PS4-era VR headset, PlayStation VR, via backwards compatibility, though it needs a special adaptor for the PlayStation Camera that Sony ships to owners for free. PSVR itself had sold 5 million units as of January 2020.

More importantly, though, Sony has confirmed it will be releasing an all-new PS5 VR headset in the future, though it’s not coming in 2021. The company has even shown new controllers for the kit, which connects to the console via a single wire. Earlier this year, UploadVR also confirmed the first specifications for the device after confirmation with multiple sources.

Ultimately it’s a good start for PS5 which, in turn, holds promise for the next VR headset. The more consoles out there, the more potential customers for the new device. That said, we’ll likely see only a fraction of the PS5 install base pick up the new headset at first; PS4 has sold over 115 million units, dwarfing PSVR’s sales.

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