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PS5 Climbs To 17.3 Million Consoles Sold Ahead Of PSVR 2 Launch

PS5 Climbs To 17.3 Million Consoles Sold Ahead Of PSVR 2 Launch

PS5 has now sold 17.3 million units worldwide, Sony confirmed.

The company’s quarterly reports revealed as much this week. PS5 had sold 17.3 million as of December 31, 2021. As industry analyst Daniel Ahmad points out, that’s someways behind the 20.2 million PS4s sold in the same timeframe from launch. That said, PS5 is one of many electronic devices that’s suffering supply issues in the face of the ongoing component shortage.

Still, PS5 sales are an important metric to track just how many PSVR 2 headsets Sony might be able to sell when the device releases later down the line. The new device, which has been named but still not officially unveiled, attaches to PS5 consoles with a single wire, and it’s not possible to play it without one. PSVR, which is similarly attached to PS4, officially sold 5 million units, though that number is likely to have climbed in the two years since it was announced. PS4 itself has sold 116.6 million consoles as of September 2021.

We currently only know specs for the PSVR 2 headset and its first announced game, Horizon Call of the Wild. Sony has not confirmed if the device will release in 2022 — likely due to the same supply constraints PS5 faces — nor the price, which will certainly play a big factor in just how many people buy the kit. You can keep up with everything we know about the device right here.

How do you think PSVR 2 will sell on PS5? Let us know in the comments below!

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